About us

Hi, My name is Karla Ann and I’m the owner of Golden Strand Studio. Thanks for taking time to visit my shop!

My crochet shop was previously named Hidden Meadow Crochet.

The Hidden Meadow is an actual place on my family's property! Our children are the fourth generation to grow up knowing the beauty of this unspoiled little landscape.

Hidden Meadow Drive

This wonderful piece of heaven is a source of inspiration and a breath of fresh air year round. In the summer it provides a time to appreciate the green space and the occasional morning harvesting wild berries. The opportunity to pick yourself a belly full of berries with fingers stained purple is a wonderful gift to give our children.

Hidden Meadow Summer Berries

Experiencing the white space is equally important to me as a crochet designer. New England winter cold drives my imagination -- with endless possibilities -- to create pieces keeping us warm and cozy as we explore the outdoors.

Snowy Hidden Meadow

First Snow Day 2017

I love where I live and I can't help but be drawn to nature.

With my crochet, it's automatic for me to use natural fiber yarns and create unique designs that showcase simplicity. I hope you can enjoy your crochet creations as much as I do in daily life.

Thanks for visiting!

Hidden Meadow Autumn Colors