Reviews, Comments, and Testimonials

Reviews, comments, and testimonials from Hidden Meadow Crochet customers.

"Dear Karla,

Just a note to tell you how much your pattern of the "River's Edge" Cloth really meant to me. I had noticed it one day on Instagram and found that I kept coming back to view it. It was then I decided it definitely was all in the details!
Christi Mikolas' Cabin
Little did I know when I happened upon this beautiful pattern from you, what a profound affect it would have on me. The pattern so suited the name "River's Edge"(dish cloth). It intrigued me...I had to make this! I grew up going to the Little Red Cabin on the Pike River (in photo), and the memories over flowed as I worked on this beautiful "River's Edge" piece. For a little while, while I was stitching, I was on the "River's Edge", watching my Dad while he fished on His river. Something I did so often, as the cabin became our weekend retreat, ever since I was a child.

I have to add how much I enjoyed the lovely design! The alternating stitches that border the piece, really gave me the feel of the river's edge; it was so visual for me! The pattern was very well written and easy to follow. I really appreciated this, as the first one was a quick add on gift, so no time to waste! All went well and the beautiful hand stitched piece was very well received! In the days that followed, I found myself wanting to make another dish cloth to keep, so each night I have been treating myself to a little visit to the "River's Edge" and stitching a few rows as I wind down before bed. I have given a little thought since that day on Instagram, that maybe I didn't find your pattern, but perhaps, IT found me!
Christi Mikolas' River's Edge Dish Cloth
On a side note, Karla, when you may not always know why you do what you do, know that your pattern writing definitely touches other people's lives, not only in helping them to create, but every now and then to help heal a lonesome heart. Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Christi Mikolas"

Check out Christi's beautiful crochet and knit creations at her Instagram page @cmick07

 Pattern: River's Edge Dishcloth and Hand Towel P116

"I've recently came across the beautiful patterns from Hiddenmeadowcrochet. I instantly fell in love with the rich texture and serene feel of the blankets.

The patterns are very well written, not too expensive and the blankets are a dream to work on. They work up very quickly as well. Defenitly worth my money!!


Lianne does beautiful work and takes custom orders. Check out Lianne's Facebook page @liefspul

Patterns: Baby Blankets

"This is the first time I have crocheted a blanket in just one colour and this is where the pattern writing shines! HMC blankets are a celebration of texture and what I absolutely love the best is that the borders are created within the pattern so there no extra ends to weave in - and we all love that!


Le creates gorgeous crochet pieces and she welcomes custom orders. Check out Le's Instagram feed at @teaandcakehandmade

Pattern: Sweet Haven Blanket